Night, Night, Sleep Tight!

Read Proverbs 3:23-24

Most mothers, most parents, have experienced the night time interruptions of frightened children. The insistent poke in the shoulder accompanied with, “Mommy, Mommy! Can I sleep with you?” Bad dreams and strange noises send most kids running for their parents’ bed. My youngest son, who seems to have particularly vivid dreams, has often come to me in the night physically trembling with fear, with no more explanation than just, “I’m scared!”

After eight and half years of sleep interruptions, I’ve learned the quickest way back to sleep is to simply scoot over (thank God for king sized beds) and cuddle the little guy (or girl) up. What has not ceased to amaze me though, is the instant change that comes over a little person when taken into their parents’ bed. My son who moments before was trembling, heart racing and on the verge of tears, will immediately relax, melting into the warmth of Mommy and within minutes fall fast asleep.

Why does our presence create such a transformation in our children when they are frightened? Is it because we are bigger and stronger? I’m sure that has something to do with it. But not just any bigger, stronger person would do in the middle of the night, would they?  There is something more. It is the solid, unshakeable conviction (though the child scarcely understands it themselves) that this bigger, stronger person loves me beyond all limits and will do everything in their power to protect me from anything threatening me.

How much more solid a conviction can we have in our Heavenly Father’s ability to protect us and make it all better? We do not have to remain in the dark, trembling in fear of what lies in the shadows of our lives. We do not have to face the dark nights alone. Our Father waits to wrap us in His arms, and let all the fear melt away. He wishes to cuddle us up until peace pervades our souls, just like the peace sweeping over a frightened child once he reaches his mother’s side.

Are you frightened or troubled by some shadowy phantom today? Not a boogey  man under the bed, but a marriage that just isn’t clicking, or money problems with no solution in sight, or loneliness, or disappointment or any number of grown up “boogey men” that just won’t go away? Don’t sit in the dark frightened and alone. Take it to your Father in prayer; leave it in His all-powerful hands. Let your sleep be sweet again.


7 thoughts on “Night, Night, Sleep Tight!

  1. Sarah Jane, I am amazed at your insight into the meaning of God’s word.I love reading your blog. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family during this New Year!

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