Beautiful Mom Blog Award

beautiful-mama-blog-award1I was nominated this week for a Beautiful Mom Blog award by Ms. Victoria at Homaking with Heart. Victoria has a great blog with lot of info on mothering, healthy eating (which I really need to read ) and homeschool ideas which have already been a blessing to me as I ordered my Apologia Science just yesterday!!! Please check out her lovely sight at

Now as part of this I get to share three things I love about mothering.

1. I love morning cuddles. My children have inherited my “morning moping syndrom” which means we get up, but only to migrate into the living room and sit all on top of each other for a while before we are actually able to get going. And perhaps super scheduled homeschoolers might see this as laziness (cause it will still take us another hour to eat breakfast, get dressed and do our chores) we NEED this morning cuddling. It is getting harder as the boys get bigger (and heavier), but even my eight year old stumbles into the living room in the morning, all sleepy in his pjs with his arms open saying, “Mommy, hold me!” I will miss this alot when they are gone so the schedulers can just hush.

2. I LOVE listening to my children read to me! Only my two oldest can read yet, but it makes me sooooo happy to listen to them and think…”Oh, wow! I taught them how to that. I taught them how to do this miraculous thing that will make such a difference in their lives.

3. I love it when my children sense I am sad or upset and start  making up little songs to cheer me up and (my absolute favorite) making up hilarious dances to make me laugh. Usually as they are dancing crazily around they will ask, “Is this making you wanna laugh? This is gonna make  you laugh!” They are so entertaining, and really are my best little buddies.

Now, my nominations for The Beautiful Mom Blog award are:

The Gypsy Housewife over at A really cool lady who is keeping it real and natural with her seven babies!!!

Cristina at Tons of good info here on homeschooling and mommyhood

And I save the best for last:

Tiffani at My “real life” friend for life. We have literally been friends for…..well after a certain age counting years just makes you feel old, so lets just say a LONG time. Beautiful lady, amazing mother, awsome crafter!

Please check out these lovely ladies, and have a wonderful day in the Lord!


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Mom Blog Award

  1. Aww, thank you. We don’t have to count how many years anymore. It does make me feel old. 😉 I need to make a post I haven’t blogged in a coon’s age, as my grandma would say.

  2. Congratulations! I’m sure you deserve the award! I love how quickly it’s being passed on to others. 🙂 Your three things are so sweet; you sound like a great mama! ❤

  3. Thanks! BTW I mentioned your blog, as you know, in my last post and it doesn’t seem to link over. Can you take a look and let me know why? That way I can edit it so people can check out your stuff! I’m new to blogging so I’m still trying to figure things out. Thanks.

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